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Not anymore!

Aircraft headphones are fundamental pilot accessory. To protect your hearing and lower fatigue levels during long days you are pushed to invest a considerable amount of money to ANR (Active Noise Reduction) headset. But not any more, Crystal Mic is high quality solution brought to you by AVIATIONMIKE.

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Our solution

Crystal Mic is an external mike that can be connected to the headphones with active noise cancellation, for a fraction of the price compared to standard ANR headsets. Quality of ANR, durability or ergonomics of this solution is same if not better than conventional aviation headsets, with another advantage of versatility. Headset can be after flight easily used for other activities such as work out, or just rest with your favourite music in ears.

Not only mikes

We know very well that pilot life is not always only sunshine and rainbows, that is why we are searching for more pilot accessories that could make pilot's life easier. If you have ideas for new products, or you already have great products, please don't hesitate to contact us!